Tenses: Present Continuous Tense


This posting is intended to teach myself in English. It is taken from learn-english-today.com


I am playing
You are playing
He/she/it is playing
We are playing
They are playing
I am not playingI’m not playing
You are not playingYou’re not playing
He/she/it is not playingHe/she/it’s not playing
We are not playingWe’re not playing
You are not playingYou’re not playing
They are not playingThey’re not playing
Am I playing?
Are you playing?
Is he/she/it playing?
Are we playing?
Are they playing?


The Present Continuous is used :

  1. To talk about continuous activities :
    1. at the time of speaking :
      I am reading this page now.
    2. around now, in a more general sense :
      I am learning English this year
  2. To talk about planned future arrangements :
    • Next month I am spending my holidays in Australia. I have already booked my flight.
    • Our neighbours are coming to dinner tomorrow. They have accepted our invitation.

More Examples

  1. Every day Julie takes the bus to go to her office.
  2. At the moment you are doing an English exercise.
  3. Tom and Julie are learning English this year.
  4. The Bank opens at 9.30 every morning from Monday to Friday.
  5. Our cousins are coming to see us next Sunday.
  6. Tom reads the newspaper every morning on the train.
  7. Julie usually cleans the house on Saturdays.
  8. At the moment she is writing a letter to a client.
  9. Julie speaks three languages : English, French and Spanish.
  10. Today is Sunday. Tom and Julie are relaxing in their garden.

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