Tenses: Present Simple Tense


This posting is intended to teach myself in English. It is taken from learn-english-today.com

I play
You play
He/she/it plays
We play
They play
I do not playI don’t play
You do not playYou don’t play
He/she/it does not playHe/she/it doesn’t play
We do not playWe don’t play
They do not playThey don’t play
Do I play?
Do you play?
Does he/she/it play?
Do we play?
Do they play?


The Present Simple is used :

  1. To talk about regular activities, routine, habits:
    • John plays tennis once a week.
    • We start work at 9 a.m. every day.
    • Mary eats fish on Fridays.
  2. To talk about tastes:
    • Peter likes Chinese food.
    • Julie doesn’t like fish.
    • Their children love chocolate.
  3. To talk about facts:
    • The sun rises in the east
    • In Europe, the weather is cold in winter.
    • Authors write books.

More examples

  1. The film starts every day at 8 p.m.
  2. The children drink milk with their meals.
  3. Cats generally sleep a lot.
  4. Julie writes a letter to her mother once a week.
  5. Tom and Julie live in a big city in the centre of the country.
  6. Tourists go to Egypt to see the pyramids.
  7. Jimmy always takes the bus to go to school.
  8. We all know that children like sweets.
  9. Anne thinks it’s a good idea to do English exercises.
  10. If you want to be healthy, you must eat good food.

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