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  1. International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security
    The International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security (IJCSIS) is a reputable venue for publishing novel ideas, state-of-the-art research results and fundamental advances in all aspects of computer science and information & communication security. IJCSIS is a peer reviewed international journal with a key objective to provide the academic and industrial community a medium for presenting original research and applications related to Computer Science and Information Security

Project / Application Notes

  1. MSP430 LaunchPad Project
    The list of the best microcontroller projects for the MSP430 LaunchPad. Many of them have pictures, source code, and schematics. They range in difficulty from simple to advanced, and all of them are free.


  1. The GCC toolchain for the Texas Instruments MSP430 MCUs
    Here you will find a port of the GCC toolchain for the Texas Instruments MSP430 family of ultra low power MCUs, This includes the GNU C compiler (GCC), the assembler and linker (binutils), the debugger (GDB), and some other tools needed to make a complete development environment for the MSP430. These tools can be used on Windows, Linux, BSD and most other flavours of Unix.


  1. CERT NetSA Security Suite: Monitoring for Large-Scale Networks
    SiLK, the System for Internet-Level Knowledge, is a collection of traffic analysis tools developed by the CERT Network Situational Awareness Team (CERT NetSA) to facilitate security analysis of large networks. The SiLK tool suite supports the efficient collection, storage, and analysis of network flow data, enabling network security analysts to rapidly query large historical traffic data sets. SiLK is ideally suited for analyzing traffic on the backbone or border of a large, distributed enterprise or mid-sized ISP.

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